Energy-saving LEDs boost light pollution worldwide


People have this annoying habit of making up for every good deed with an equally bad deed. It’s as if there were N leakages and only N-1 available patches, so we move around the patches between leakages, but there will always remain one open leakage somewhere… :thinking:

I don’t see anything bad about more lights

These are minimal problems, while the gain is a HUGE energy saving.

I cant see the stars sse of here due to towns light pollution… and they dont even use leds yet…

Reminds me of electric cars and how they get their energy from fossil fuels.

Soon they will get most of that energy from nuclear power plants. :slight_smile:

You can get warm light, that isn’t as harsh as the earlier LED lights…

The newer ones sort the problem drastically.

I find that the LED headlights on newer cars are too bright and blinding when they approach you. It’s kind of dangerous IMO.