Endless problem,conclusion is that my problem isnt addiction

I thought my problem is addiction to gaming on one phase, or masturbating on one phase, then smoking in another phase. I thought my problem was addiction to certain stuff, but I don’t really think it is.I cut off gaming and masturbating then started smoking, now I cut off smoking, then I game a lot…I think my problem is negative thinking, not addiction…if I have more positive thoughts towards gaming or masturbating, I think I can control them better, instead of total absentee which is also unhealthy

Some people are genetically predisposed towards addiction. Maybe you’re one of them.

The most common way to beat an addiction is to replace it with another addiction. So instead of smoking, some people chew gum. Instead of drinking beer, maybe seltzer water. Instead of gaming, some people get addicted to running or exercising. The basic concept is to take something better for you and use it to replace the thing that was bad for you.


Thanks…now currently I am addicted to gaming.Masturbation no more as I don’t know why I ejaculated blood,so I can stop masturbating because of this.I read article on life hack of how to stop gaming…going to find ways…I won’t want to stop completely but play it in a healthy level

Do you think they both could be problems? Sounds like it to me. CBT can be helpful for the negative thinking. It does not work for everyone but it might be worth a try if you have not done it before.


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