End stage CHF

My great aunt. Last of the four girl siblings.

Mom took a flight this morning to go be with her, but it’s coming.

She’s breathless just talking, hurts her cheats when she lays down, coughing up sputum, death rattle, edema legs.

She’s to proud to go into emergency. Part of me can’t blame her for wanting to die at home. I’ve heard enough death in my stint in hospice care, I don’t give her long, few days.

I believe she’s been hiding heart problems for a while now, she always brushes off and lies to her doctors, she’s a very prideful woman. Very much concerned with appearance’s, and looking frail is not a question.

They say it feels like drowning, it’s not a pleasant way to go. It’s too much to ask for her to get better, I know that, but I can still hope it’s painless for her.

Asking for mojo.



Sorry @Ooorgle .


Sorry as well, @Ooorgle . Hoping for the best.


I’m sorry for you and your family. :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:

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I’m sorry, @Ooorgle.

Sending you and yours good California vibes.


I’m sorry. I’m glad the family is allowing her to choose how she wants to go. It’s really hard on the family so there’s a lot of sacrifice in letting someone go at home without hospice care, because their loved one suffers so much. But I think people should get to choose. I hope she doesn’t suffer too long. And I hope you receive some comfort in all this


Sending you waves of cosmic power karma @Ooorgle


Thank you everyone. I haven’t heard much, she had a doctors appointment a few hours ago, waiting on word. My mother and her grand daughter are both with her.

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I’m sorry @Ooorgle
God bless


I’m sorry, its a tough time when people you love are ailing. I send warm thoughts.

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