End of Schizophrenia Label?


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What’s the cliff note version?

That schizophrenia needs a name change and may not even be a seperate disorder, but the end stage of other, untreated illness.

Other stuff, too, too much for me to condense.


We should call it Prince.


So basically I ain’t crazy? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No, we’re crazy. They just want to make it the Clint Eastwood syndrome: “The disease with no name.”


Probably gonna categorized as some offshoot of autism

Probably gonna break it down to multiple diagnosis to ensure multiple insurance billing :money_with_wings:



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I’m confused. I believe I’m being followed. I’ve been visited by Satan. I’ve received messages from God and animals. So what kind of sz is that? Is it even schizophrenia? It doesn’t fit the model.

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People gotten schizophrenia from an episode in their life. It involves big stress so the brain gave itself an illness because the brain couldn’t handle it.
You may say that you can handle stress but the brain decides to not to.

Definitely taking Asperger’s back.

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Can’t delete post meh

That could fit the model.

Hard stuff to go through, I’m sure.

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I can dig it but clearly there’s common symptoms and complaints. Maybe psychotic spectrum disorder would be more appropriate but as we’ve moved to treatment models over classifications I don’t see any difference for me personally. Paranoid sz fits the bill pretty easily.

What will this site become if they get rid of SZ?


Will it be an excuse to deny many disability?

Sorry to be cynical but this could affect people in ways unforeseen

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It will just be called “.com”


Here in the Netherlands they dont diagnose schizophrenia as easily as they used to they call it being on a spectrum of being sensitive to psychotic episodes

schizophrenia ending soon