Encrypted Mind

My system of my mind needs a firewall and should encrypt all the content. So the content would look like: #&bN?8002

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A vpn then :smile:

Well isp can see all your traffic unless you use a vpn as for our minds…god can see everything and i dont want to hide anything from him, because he is the way and he always steers me on the right path at the end.

Thank you Jesus for that.

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I don’t think you understand the beauty of privatism then. Ok, Jesus sees what you think, if he has a way to see everyones thoughts at the same time. Seems kind of stupid to me. I’m not feeling this kind of religious stupidity at all.

Well no one can read your mind, so don´t worry then.

Can you prove it? This is one of those things that don’t match with the schizophrenic’s experiences.

You’ll need a key to decipher the content in your own mind.
And never allow back door access.

I thought i could read mind and others mine until i realized this is impossible. So whenever it feels like i could read a mind or others mine now it just feels stupid.

One of these to me please! :blush: