Encouragement and discouraged

I sometimes like any encouraging I can get. Other times I decide to stop doing that good thing. Eventually I pick it back up. A voice said my musical instrument practice was a discipline and that threw me off. I had thought it was just fun. And my brother complimented me and I thought well what the hell am I supposed to do with so much free time? Now I see I was wrong, even if it was just a thought :thought_balloon:. I didn’t practice today. I did laundry and cleaned my kitchen twice and cooked my meals and I had a LOT of free time. With akathesia it was very bad. I took my Latuda at 12 noon and didn’t take the antidote, the propranolol. At least I won’t have it tonight if I can’t sleep.

I dont think ive got much encouragement
In my life. Been my own cheerleader.

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