Emptiness. A haiku

Sitting home alone
My soul starts to wander off
I am so hollow


I is two syllables

How do you mean?

play chess online it will help you concentrate on something and prevent your mind from wandering

What do you mean?

You mention your soul wanders having something to concentrate on prevents that

I just wanted to write about dissociation…

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Oh I see,is it a good feeling or bad when you dissociate

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It’s just part of life for me. I have DID and it makes life difficult at times but I love my alters so I don’t exactly hate dissociation :thinking:

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so do you feel completely different when you disasociate

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I black out a lot when I dissociate. Other times I just feel far away from everything.
My alters are seperate from me.

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do they have names

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Yes they all have different names I know of 10 but another alter claims I have 18.

that’s pretty good, I like it. My friends and I have been known to write haiku’s.


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