How many people have jobs? My therapist is hinting that maybe in the future I should work part time. I dont think I’m ready. I have only had 3 short term jobs in the past between 16 and 20, I’m 32 now. I’m scared of work. I also dont know if I am scared just because im lazy. I’m scared of people in general and dont want to be uncomfortable around people if I can avoid it. Maybe I’m making excuses? How do you guys handle working if you do?

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I work full time… I don’t really enjoy too much and depressed most of my mornings, but feels a bit nice to think that I’m indeed progressing, even if it’s a small step psychosocially speaking.

Plus accumulation of small income toward investment to my future is a positive.

Believing in small steps… the idea of compounded interest helps :no_mouth:


I don’t work. I have the financial means to live like that, so I’m lucky.

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Do you have to work, or do you choose to? I have a serious fear of working. And am scared my therapist wants me to work in the future and that if he thinks this,
SSA may say in not disabled anymore. I am scared to death right now at the thought of not being able to support myself if forced to.

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Well I both choose and have to work… fortunately I don’t suffer much from positive symptoms since my last hospitalization, so I cannot rely on disability.

If your therapist suggests employment, you should understand it’s for the benefit for you and your well being. Being employed and being a part of working organizations can be helpful to people with schizophrenia. It lets people stay grounded to reality…for psychosis is a condition that strays from such.

It’s really tough and scary at first, but I see it worth a try :slight_smile:


I’m jobless right now. I’m struggling with deciding to try for a simple job at Walmart or something or just going ahead and applying for SSI.

I want a job, but I don’t think I would handle a job well at all, though… Hard to follow verbal instructions, poor memory (of stuff like instructions). And I’m prone to causing conflict because I’ll occasionally mishear and hallucinate people unnecessarily ■■■■-talking me, which I’m very reactive to in the moment. Plus, I’m certain I wouldn’t pass an interview for jobs I’m qualified for vs over-qualified because of my social anxiety issues and (mild?) poverty of speech.


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