Emotionally I’m like an exposed nerve

My wife and nanny were talking about cutting my boy’s hair a little. I had cut it in the past and used a trimmer instead of scissors to be safe. Worked very well.

So i said I’d help and we could use the trimmer. My wife chimes in and says why don’t you use the sissors. (The hair we’re cutting is also close to his eyes)

Emotionally I went from confused to mad to sad, in a couple sec. I felt like I I was hit by electricity.

I offered that the trimmer was safer as a plea for my proposal.

I felt I got shot down for trying to help and doing the right thing

And on top of all this I dont have the mental stability to argue


Emotionally I’m like an exposed nerve

I love that expression, @Moonwalker

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been skinned alive and there’s a wall around me. And people are throwing salt at me, over the wall. I once said that to my psychiatric nurse and he suggested increasing my antipsychotics.


I’m sorry. I know my sister is a mess every time she has to cut my niece’s nails. It’s normal to get anxiety about bringing sharp objects around your baby. I think it’s an almost universal parent experience.


I’m on the verge of a panic attack, trying to stay calm. It’s my responsibility to do the dishes and I do them at night. My wife is stressed from too much work, she could be relaxing now but instead she’s doing dishes


Dude. Take some deep breaths and call your doctor. You know you’re not yourself right now. You aren’t holding up your end of the partnership at the moment. You don’t seem capable of doing it, even though you want to. So she has to pick up the slack. That isn’t your fault, but it’s your responsibility to get help so you can get back to contributing more. She’s going to keep getting more stressed the longer this goes on, so call the doc and let them know you’re manic and need to stabilize.

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We’ve decided to see a couples therapist


That’s really good news. Therapy can be so helpful for everyone!


I think there’s some lack of clarity here. We have a routine everyday at lunch… she comes home, eats lunch , and then we spend some time in bed hugging. Never does anyone do the dishes at lunch. She decided to do them today and her reason was that “they had to be done” which is the same reason she gives for why she can’t relax

Wife called to talk about groceries. She was exasperated and talking fast but not clearly. I had to remind her of things, and she’s the one that remembers everything.

I could feel her energy and it was not good

Now my wife just called to ask me about my ss, but then realized she didn’t need it

Explanation went like this:

The banks that Salam works with are asking for the NIFs of the directors, including foreign NIFs. They also ask a bunch of info about the spouses, but not your foreign NIFs

I guess that makes sense

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We’re going to have a date monthly where her parents babysit


She is on the verge of giving up on your marriage. Get her to make a honey do list for you, daily. She’s stressed out, and I don’t know how long she’s going to stay.

Get yourself straight. Then do things, consistently by a certain deadline.

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