Emotional Outbursts

I really thought i am over it but no, i flipped out again. I through several tantrums around me. At this very present time its like nothing happened. My partner and me repaired everything broken. Like a zengod do i try to quit smoking but i get more and more agitated. Thinking i should flipp out in the shoppingmall. Maybe i get help in a way of a bullet, i would be eternal cured. What should i do ?

What do you do during these tantrums to lead to broken things? That’s pretty serious, as is your suicidal ideation. You need a med change, but more than that you need to understand that you are responsible for your own actions, and you are responsible for making sure those actions don’t hurt others.

Who cares about my scars?

i would assume your partner does. And you should be caring about their scars enough to avoid causing more.

The cigarette put the lid on these overcooked witchbrew. But i can’t get my hands on cigarettes much longer. I going to run out of credit. I better get away from people quicksmart. That is two options i can choose. Or i increase my medication. Three option. Thanks. Sometimes you make a mistake and its useful.

You might want to look into hospitalization. If you’re hurting/scaring loved ones with these tantrums, the hospital is the place to be.

They don’t have time. They give me like modern painkillers till the wound is scared. And i don’t trust them anymore. Well its a boil. I don’t put it on anybody.

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