Emotional Lability

I think lability or “labile” is the word they use to describe it. I get very happy but then have outbursts of anger, I’m very irritable. If I’m sad I still get very irritable.

Is this normal?


I am schizoaffective, bipolar type, so mood swings are a major component of my day to day life. I get the big ones, the weeks and months of depression and mania, but I also get smaller, daily ones too. I can be quite mercurial, going from happy to irritable in a short time. It is normal for me, at least.


I have severe anger issues, and I can snap at anytime, it doesn’t take that much; and that’s regardless of what mental state I am in (mania, depression, mixed, psychotic, or a combination of those previously mentioned).

The best way I have been able to describe it to people is that I am like a loaded gun with the hammer already cocked, and all it takes is the slightest touch of a trigger to set me off.

I definitely feel for you though, it’s ridiculously hard to deal with, let alone for others to understand.

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My baseline right now is depression. But I have daily mood swings. Like @disciple I too go from happy to irritable very quickly. Its frustrating when I realize it, which makes me upset I’m feeling/acting that way, which makes me depressed and angry about the way I am.


‘Labile mood’ was on the report I got from my psych recently… I’m schizoaffective with rapid cycling, but I think it’s a pretty common symptom of schizophrenia as well. I can be laughing one minute and throwing things the next, or in a heap crying, it’s a total nightmare when your mood changes so suddenly and drastically. I have inappropriate affect as well, my emotional responses can be all mixed up. So yeah, I think labile mood is pretty common in schizophrenics.

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