Emotional flooding

#ASD #mentalhealth Emotional Flooding And What To Do About It — Giusi Silvestri - Inter-Personal Relations Consulting
I’m very sure I’ve experienced a version of ‘flooding’ . For me it’s a non sensory situation in which acute stress and worry causes me to become highly anxious,irrational, paranoid, and verbally volatile.
Emotional regulation completely fails in such a situation . Psych services have historically been incompetent/useless in such a situation. Using it to portray one as a ‘bad’ person . Fortunately being on a regular depot antipsychotic has helped quite a lot.

At times I would use as much alcohol as quickly as possible in order to crash out . That was a way of trying to cope.

This was me yesterday for sure.

I was in such a state. Got super stressed at work with cutting artificial grass as it’s not that easy to do, and it set me off big time.

Didn’t want to take a load of diazepam even though I could have done, but instead called the local mental health line

Found talking through it with someone actually did calm me down a bit

My mother has less time for me these days. She has a lot of pressure at work, and I don’t want to put too much on her as it’s not fair

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