Emotional buying?

i think i wanna buy powerbank
i feel very good emotion about that
but really i dont need it
but i hv good emotion that it will be wonderful if i buy one
that make sad about hving such emotions :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Have you told the powerbank how you feel?


i am serious
why do u mock me ?


Due to the power outages in California (rolling blackouts and wildfire-related safety shutdowns), I purchased a powerbank so I would be able to charge my phone and tablet during power outages. It has come in handy multiple times.


Early on during the covid pandemic, I started buying lots of fabric face masks and handing them out as gifts to my family, friends, neighbors, my dog’s veterinary office staff, etc. I have continued this for the past 8 months.

I think there is an element of emotional buying in this since I felt so helpless during the pandemic that this was something I felt I could do to help others.


i wished if this good emotions were wise
so i wd buy it and feel good afterthat
but it is not
it is just good emotions and nothing afterthat
i will discover i dont need it truly


No, I’m not mocking you. I get it. I really want to buy things I don’t need sometimes too.

You’re not alone, pobably the majority of ppl are like you.


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