Emotional abuse!

Seeking advice: I’m so overwhelmed. The pandemic has only solidified the consistent unresolved issues of inconsistency in my life. I just called and complained that I need to switch "doctors’ I’m on 10mgs of Abilify and for what? Nothing is working. I want to be on something that works. I went to the front desk, scheduled for my 10 min telephone appointment just to be told to keep taking 10mgs and keep things the same for him to ask me for my father’s number and talk to him about what he thinks my diagnosis is–then my dad says he talked about how I should be put back on injections. What the bloody ■■■■?!!

This is emotionally abusive. For one year: I was in recovery from substance use and diagnosed with bipolar–now it’s been switched to schizophrenia with substance use emotional issues. That’s a crime. I never have any psychosis symptoms. Then they purposely refused to give me any medication as I withdrew from Aristada highest dose injections 2 month because I threw away the medicine because I thought the doctor just wanted kickbacks and it was depersonalizing me and I gained 60 pounds on it!!!

Now I am under review for SSI for Bipolar and they’re pushing schizophrenia on me because my dad who makes 250k a year won’t support me financially and I’m trappd in the ever loving godless house with my mom who sees the same ■■■■■■■ “doctor” and my dad is head chairman of the board of "doctors’ and they expect me not to think this a violation of my rights??? How am I supposed to communicate leaving a voicemail to a doctor who wants to schedule an appointment for a 10 min phone conversation about medications and won’t put me on anything that works, wont listen to me, wont be honest and completely fabricates everything especially because my dad says beaurocrats don’t care and it’s important that the doctors exaggerate everything so I can get the help I need that it doesn’t matter

IF IT IS A COMPLETE ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ LIE.


I don’t want SSI. I don’t want this. I don’t want anything. I just want to leave! Nothing is helping me anymore and I can’t function like this with all these lies being said about my behavior. I read the letter he was gonna send to SNAP so I could avoid the able-bodied-adult stuff, I wanted to actually start working but my dad wouldn’t provide transportation to help get the ticket-to-work stuff. So he had my psychiatrist write this letter, saying most extreme in every sense- checking that I can’t dress myself have extreme mood swings etc. so I could be “helped” by not being helped!!!

And now my mom was taken off Haldol which had worked for years and is the only anti-psychotic that worked for her and is taking 5mgs of Abilify and no longer on the haldol injections. And she screamed at me last night about money–its a revolving circle of emotional abuse and mental hell and slavery for me. No matter what I do my family and system set up boundaries to keep me from becoming independent and successful and Im 31 am about to give up on life itself.


What are you doing to become independent? Do you work? Looking for work? Going to school?

If not, SSI will help you have some income.

How do I do any of these things with no finances/money and no transportation? I just got denied SSI.

My parents are IDIOTS! They should have sued the hospital for the malpractice and abuse. Instead they let it get covered up while other patients actually did sue. I found out about it later by a crackhead who had been there inpatient with me. They were shut down. And yet I’m living with trauma and scars and a misdiagnosis because my parents hospitalized me as a minor?! What the hell. When do I get my justice I swear the hell to freaking gawd Im gonna start killing people…

No one did a dammm thing.

Just lets a 15 year old get raped, abused, and isolated for 40 hours unsupervised as retaliation and punishment for refusing medication. This happened in Maryland.

Bet the rapists still work there—even when its documented apparently I found that out also in Maryland I am going to sue Maryland…

Maybe that’s why there is not enough information in my mental health records they probably covered their tracks.

LAZY FUKING LOWLIFES I am surrounded by trash and garbage

Sometimes its easier wishing everyone else was dead. They did not believe in God anyways.

You’re right God—we’re not ready to become immortal. I wish for the virus to stop.

Im in ■■■■■■■ hell.

You’re going to have to get on a bus or something in order to head to work. Why are they talking to your dad instead of you if you’re 31? That’s against hipaa if you’re in the US

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idk but im ok I just had an episode.

This is the problem you see, you refused meds and have an episode now they have the rights to keep you on meds like on injections etc. It’s under the law

Ablify is a partial dopamine agonist so it can giver hyper like symptoms in some. So its better to replace with another ap which has no dopamine agonist property. I remember you previously said you were put on strattera. Is ablify too prescribed by this pdoc? If yes then its better to change pdoc as he is not well aware of your mood issues apart from schizo.