Emergency what is happening

I have no idea what happened. Today I felt so sleepy and I fell asleep and it was like I couldn’t stay up. Then I became very lightheaded and dizzy. I took my sisters to the movies and almost fainted. I brought them back (very scary driving like this) and I have been in bed just feeling like the whole room is spinning. I can’t do this anymore. I need to quit the meds.

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Sounds like vertigo… do you feel like you’re falling?

Falling, spinning, whatever

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It could well be a side effect of meds :smirk: I get vertigo sometimes too… not fun.

I wish that I can get off of my meds but I cannot.
I would go Nuts instantly!

I am going nuts on meds. This needs to stop but I know I can’t stop cold turkey but I don’t see a psychiatrist until next week. How can I do job training if I feel like this?! I can barely walk without feeling like fainting!!

If you constantly feel like fainting, I would call your psychiatrist ASAP.
It’s not normal or healthy to feel this way.

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I don’t have a psychiatrist right now…not like you can just call them up anyways people act as though they have their pdocs on speed dial…they have hours they work and whatnot…I could only email the last person I saw and she took several days to respond.

I need to go back down to 20 mg twice a day and then slowly go off of that too. I can’t quit cold turkey the side effects are horrendous.

I felt the same while I was on quetiapine, and it wasn’t even 1/4 of the dosage for psychosis.

lol … This made me laugh, I’m sorry.

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Vertigo is a word that is often confused. Many people use it interchangeably with “dizziness” so it is important to know what you mean. Sometimes people mean getting light-headed, like when you stand up too fast and feel faint. Other times people mean they have trouble keeping their balance because their coordination is disrupted. Both of those examples are not vertigo. True vertigo is the sensation that your body is spinning often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Anyone can give themselves vertigo by spinning around very fast and then stopping, like on a playground toy. Under normal circumstances, the “balance” signal comes from the semicircular canals, through the vestibular nerve, and into the brainstem and cerebellum. It is your body’s way of knowing if you are spinning so you can compensate. But some people get vertigo for no apparent reason. This happens when some part of that circuit is disrupted. From your post, it sounds like you have true vertigo. Neurologists have a test in which they put hot or cold water into the ear to cause vertigo. The hot water tricks the nerves in the canals, and the eyes start drifting away from the hot water. You then realize your eyes are drifting, and you snap them back to where they were before (towards the hot water), a very quick movement called “nystagmus.” Cold water does the same thing in the opposite direction. This will make everybody have vertigo.

Informational video:


Don’t attempt to get off of Geodon on your own.
If you don’t have a psychiatrist of your own, I suggest you get in touch with one as soon as possible.
Even if this means going to your local Emergency room.
Playing around with powerful meds on your own is asking for trouble.


If it’s an emergency, please go into ER.

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I have this experience usually once a day and it’s coupled with the realization that I’m overweight and none of my clothes fit. The meds are poison especially the antipsychotics my doc is slowly taking me off them because even the doctors know that this ■■■■ is no joke.

Sounds like youve been having inner ear problems. Can you get a doc to get you in to see a specialist?

The same thing happened to be on 40/40 with Geodon. My doctor recently switched me to 60 at night and 20 in he morning. That took care of the problem for me. See if they can do that for you. It’s only the morning dose causing all these troubles.


Yeah what the heck I never get any problems with my night dose either, it’s always the day one. Maybe because I sleep through the night? I’ll ask about that.

Geodon works but the side effects have become intolerable. If I could change that :cold_sweat:

It felt like I had low blood pressure too, because every time I stood up things started going black and that has happened to me on other meds before and my APN made me go off those meds

Prazosin and trazodone both caused me similar things with the low blood pressure and fainting. No vertigo though. This was like vertigo combined with low blood pressure, it was just horrific.

I still feel shaky and it’s hours later.

Serquel did that to me,

3 days was all I could take of it

Got me to that state,

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