Emergency room

What circumstances did u go through that sent you to the emergency room? Sometimes i feel like going.

at 16, suicidal claims
at 17, full on break
at 18, brought a knife to my room to kill myself.

the ER is not worth the 4 hour wait.

Sorry dbrach that you went through all that. The ER does make you wait a long time, feel like i want to take an anti anxiety medicine and go back home if ever i was in the ER.

I got sent for chest pains. They had been going on for several days, when usually my anxiety-based ones only lasted a few hours. I went to the urgent care clinic so they could tell me it was just stress and I could stop stressing about it, but they did an ECG and said I needed to go to the emergency room and refused to release me until my stepdad showed up to take me.

I spent about 9 hours in the ER while they ran tests and monitored my heart, then they released me but I was told I needed to do a stress test. That was over two days later in the month, after which my cardiologist said that there was nothing wrong with any of my tests.

Dunno how much the whole thing cost, but I personally paid around $2500.

ER has no specialized intake care for those suffering mental issues. I try and avoid it. If you panic sympotomatically do what I do and just tough it out because hospital bills suck.

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