Emdr therapy

I’ve started EMDR trauma therapy and since then my psychosis has gotten worse. Anybody else tried EMDR?


What is emdr therapy?

Hard to explain, but you use rapid eye movements, vibrations, and sounds to rewire your brain for those who have suffered abuse

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That’s interesting .

My therapy is pampering myself.

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I did about a year’s worth of EMDR back in 1996. My psychosis did get worse sometimes, because it’s hard to just stop when the session is over, even when i had a skilled pdoc who gave me time warnings…

Its very helpful for trauma though, and I’m glad I did it. My Zyprexa was raised while I was doing it, and i was taking twice daily klonopin. I was molested when I was three and four years old so a lot of things appeared bigger to me than they would as an adult. That triggered psychosis outside of sessions.

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I think @mermaid1 might have tried it ?

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Well I’ll keep at it. I’m glad it helped you. I’m also on Zyprexa and I was molested from 6 to 9 years old and suffered other abuse as well

I did 3 sessions of EMDR therapy. Did not help me much.

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