Embrace or feel complexed in anixety?

embrace or feel complexed in anixety?

what do you mean?

can it be a choice in the mind?

It’s not a choice to suffer from anxiety, but you can choose to accept it and carry on despite it, rather than focus on it and let it overwhelm you. It’s not easy to do this, but it is helpful if you can learn to live with it.

I trained my mind not have anxiety or fear…so one can train themselfs

How did you train your mind to be free of anxiety and fear? A lot of us could benefit from your knowledge of how.

in my case I cared to much so now I don’t care as much…now my thoughts have changed by choice I have worked out the journey of life…I will never another psychotic episode 100%…I learnt and matured into a person that defeated so called diagnosis for life long disorders I beat it

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I do believe how we think, focus, what we read, watch .What we ingest. Who we socialize for support with and such all can make a difference in our well being. That being said I do believe, also, there are predispositions and tendencies so I guess I’m saying I believe it’s both. Some we have to accept and some we can help make better.

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