Embarrassing moments

Tonight, I was pretty tired, but I had to run to the store to buy diapers. The cashier rang me out and then said, “Thanks, have a nice day!”

And in my sleepy state, I cheerily waved, and said, “Love you too, bye!”

I didn’t realize what I’d done until I got to the car!


A wise man said on here once: “I’d rather have someone say “How are you” and not mean it then to say, “Fu*k you” and mean it.”

Who really knows how he took your gaffe? Maybe he needed a good laugh right when you came along But I don’t think what you said did any harm, he probably gets rude or impatient or hostile customers all day and he could have thought you were funny in a good way and a breath of fresh air.


I believe people like to hear commitment of positive feedback. You may have made his day. I wouldn’t worry to much. But on the other hand you might have a secret admirer lol.


I drank too much beer one day in my local pub and followed thru with a wet fart. It marked the bar stool as well. Never seen me exit so fast outta there lol. Nobody noticed tho lol.

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That’s sick man. I’m glad I wasn’t next to sit on that stool

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Yeah i know - Not one of my proudest moments. I was hardly going to admit it.

I’ve said "Thanks . Love you " a couple of times when my cleaner has finished and is leaving . It just slipped out. I didn’t have the excuse of being tired.

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in Harold and kumar when Neil Patrick Harris says I Love you!!! While he’s on shrooms. I love you too mister Harris. Gets me every time!!!

I have said “love you!” When getting off the phone multiple times.


Lol I’ve always been weary that I’m gonna say it but I never have. It’s funny how humans have these little nuances in common. We naturally think to say “I love you” to strangers/colleagues/professionals, especially on the phone. Sooo , Maybe love is truly universally in all our souls after all. We can hope …:metal::crossed_fingers:


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