Embarrassed myself

So last night at my step sons football practice I flipped out… at my step son and one of the other parents/fathers or maybe he was even an assistant coach… anyways it’s too long of a story to even type out…

But I am embarrassed to go back to his practice tonight… or to his game this Saturday


My nephew just started HS football. I’m supposed to go to at least s game of his this season.

I also have concerns about doing ■■■■ like flipping out at people.

For me its all about knowing your limits. When I do things I do weird things like leave a concert 1/2 way through. But it’s better to do things like that than have to explain an ‘episode.’ Not to mention I don’t like going through that crap.

For me i guess it’s easier to try and explain my weirdness


For now on maybe you’ll want to leave before your be reached your limit? Also I’d explain this to everyone. They will understand probably

Idk…. Sorry you gotta go though this. Just throwing things out there



Parents sometimes do wild things at their kid’s sporting events or practice.

If you didn’t wave a gun or any weapon I’m sure you are welcome back especially if you had a legitimate reason to be upset.


Yeah, I agree.

@Human, and even if it wasn’t a legitimate reason, maybe you could apologize and say you are hormonal from pregnancy?? People tend to be a little more forgiving of pregnant people, cause hormones can make you cranky!


maybe you could bring orange slices for everyone?

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