Embarrasing problem

I find that people who are bi-polar, as a rule, can’t stand me. I don’t have any bi-polar that I know of, I only have sz. am I being paranoid? prejudiced against a different group? or is this a real phenomenon?

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone here. this is an ongoing issue with me unfortunately.


i have found the same thing, they seem angrier and on a different wave length , if anyone on here is part bi-polar please do not take offence, i feel for anyone who has any mental illness.
this has also been my experience !
take care

No offence taken here. I still don’t know if I’m more bi-polar or more sz, it’s definitely a mix, but I do have issues with anger and it can be a problem, although I don’t like to hurt people. But we’re cool Judy!

Could be coincdence. I kniw some bipolar people who are nice but my ex wife was bipolar and over the top angry towards me. She even pulled a gun on me a couple times right as I was still waking up. Glad I live a long distance away. Lol

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I had a friend who was bi-polar. I have paranoid schizophrenia. We got along fine.We used to drive up and watch the Giants play in Candlestick park. Or we would play baseball at a park. I have met other bi-polar people (called 'Manic-depressive in my day) and I felt no hostility or that they did not like me. I just did not ever feel that vibe. And for that matter I don’t have any hostility towards them.

I got a bipolar friend when I was hospitalized. She was there a couple of months and we had really fun togeather. We could sit for hours just talking.

Sometimes I think I might forget to look at the person under the dx. There have been some SZ guys in my group who I’m really a bit happy not to have to see any more. I’ve met some very nice bi-polar people. But I’ve also met some very not nice ones as well.

I don’t think that bi-polar people are ‘as a rule’ anything.
I have schizoaffective, and am currently hypomanic.
I find that personally I am a lot more irritable and angry, but I’ve met a real variety of people with similar mental health problems. I just can’t say that they all share a common thread.
An interesting observation though :slight_smile: