Emailed gov to Complain about abuse in hospital *trigger

So, after being traumatized by a sexual assaulter who snuck into my room and attacked me while I slept in my psych ward bed, then being totally dismissed by the staff and forced to live with my attacker for two more weeks until I was discharged, I gave up trying to find justice. The attacker lived in a locked ward with me for two weeks after the assault and he kept yelling snitch at me in front of staff, nobody so much as told him to be quiet. I called administration of the hospital by looking it up in the phone book but all that happened was the admin lady came by and “checked on me” meaning did nothing and I still had to live with my attacker on a closed ward…and also the staff on duty removed the phone book so patients couldn’t get to it.

The issue was that I had literally already reported it, had physical evidence (he held me down and put hickies on my neck before I managed to fight him off me), and nobody did anything or even told him to behave. No charges were filed, no police came, the staff ignored all the threats the attacker made at me.

9 years later, I’m better, I’m stable, and man, am I pissed off! I want revenge against the hospital, the doctor who I personally told and who waived his hand, saying to focus on myself, and the entire staff and administration of my city’s behavioral center. If I can’t have revenge, I want to file formal complaints against everyone.
I just sent an email to the state’s mental health board describing the abuse and the neglect by the hospital.
Has anybody filed complaints against their hospital? How did it go? I want to make them regret their gross incompetence and inhumane treatment of a vulnerable patient.
sorry to trigger everyone, I’m in one of those moods were all my psych ward memories comes back to haunt me. :frowning:
The attacker was later caught red-handed raping a different mental patient and was finally put in jail and he’s now in Atascadero State Hospital for criminals. They ignored a serial rapist! They could have prevented that other woman’s rape if they’d just listened to me!
They all need to be fired.
I also wanted to file a lawsuit against the doctor for personally overseeing the attacker’s comfortable lifestyle in the hospital while I was traumatized and ptsd’d out of my skull. How can I file a lawsuit and what would I need?

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I have no advice, but I want to say you’re incredibly race for doing this, and you have my full support. Can your local NAMI chapter help you find resources?


If it was 9 years ago the statute of limitations has probably run out for anything criminal. If you want to file a civil suit I would talk to a lawyer.

If they think you have a case they will probably take you on as a client for free and collect payment when you settle.


Talk to a personal injury attorney. You may have enough damages for it to be worthwhile, if you take meds and have therapy, the law sees that as evidence of damages. Personal injury lawyers take cases on contingency if there’s enough potential pay out.

The person who really would have a good case for damages is the one who was raped. If you were able to find her, but I don’t know how you would because her identity is going to be protected for obvious reasons.

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Thanks for the replies! I can contact NAMI. My local chapter is kind of ineffective though. Maybe they can put me in contact with a victim’s rights advocate.

Yea, you’re right, the criminal thing has likely passed its expiration date. I will email a non-criminal lawyer and see what they think.

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That is so terrible, I am very sorry you had to go through that. It is actually a well known issue in psych wards, if not sexual abuse by other patients there is sexual abuse by staff, so you are definitely not alone in what you experienced. I am so glad you are looking to press charges because you are helping push towards reform and the creation of policies that will create safeguards from this happening or create a plan of what to do if it does happen. Wishing you the best of luck.

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Thank you for the kind words!

That is my goal! I’m hoping to get a reply by Wednesday, I’ll post updates on what they say