Elon Musk says he is willing to spend $6 billion to fight world hunger—on one condition


I like Elon

You have to check where the money goes as there is a lot of corruption around the world

If I had that to spare then I’d like to know where it’s going…

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Hi @Joker
Did you change your name?
Who were you before?


Sorry to change my name. Just did it for no good reason!


That’s great. Maybe our leaders can take a lesson rather than laundering money through supposed aid programs.

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Uh… why is he trying to feed more people and then trying to combat climate change? Hello?

They say the key variable in curbing population growth is the empowerment of women, so that they can resist being used as baby machines by draconian husbands. Also, if people feel secure enough in their living situations they won’t need to have many children in the hope that their children will look after them in old age. If people’s lives are precarious they’re going to have as many babies as they can.


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