Elf Frequency

I basically think a satellite is putting me in a frequency and I hear AI all day. I really want this feeling to leave me. I guess I’m not supposed to talk about the root of it. Please don’t shut me down. I really need help. Has anyone experienced this and taken anything. Meditated. Read something. Vitamins, Supplements, Medications. Anything I really want this feeling to leave me. I tried Sarcosine today. The satellites went away for a couple of minutes and came back.


You’re hearing things. Talk to a psychiatrist.

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They won’t do anything. I have to ask for a med or buy a supplement or vitamin.

Supplements and vitamins won’t help. You need psychiatric meds. Talk to a psychiatrist. He or she can order them for you.

I"m on Risperdal injectins, Latuda, and propranolol. I told my doctor I thought I was being controlled and he didn’t doing anything. I’ve told him that for the past 2 years. Just curious if anyone else experienced the same thing and overcame it somehow.

How much is this thought of your being controlled by satellites and AI bothering you?

It bothers me a lot. It’s all I think about. I just want to live a normal life.

What dose of Risperdal Consta are you on?

I’m not sure…

Have you tried CBT?

What is CBT? I don’t think so

Ask your Psychiatrist to raise your dose of Risperdal Consta or your dose of Latuda. Tell him or her that your psychotic thoughts are really bothering you a lot.
And yes, I’ve tried CBT.

Cognitive behavioral therapy. If meds aren’t enough, I highly recommend you get a therapist and start working through these thoughts with a therapist.

Okay thanks @LED, I really don’t think highering my dosage will do anything @SkinnyMe

CBT worked on my depression but never did much for my psychosis.

Yes it will. Raising the dosage could make all the difference.

I’ve had a lot of success with therapy helping me deal with my psychosis.

I actually don’t know if I could do a therapist through medicaid

Medicaid pays for therapists. My son used one.

My meds were changed due to my liver. I’m only going to change it if someone said they experienced the same thing and took a certain med.