Elen saks.and restraints

she inspired me a great deal shes full of courage! i also agree that no one should be put in restraints or “forced” to take meds i mean what are they hoping to achieve buy restraining somebody?


I’ve been in restraints on three different occasions. My point of view on restraints is that when I am freaking out, I need the exact opposite of being chained to a table. I need to be in a large open space that I can run around in and have freedom until I feel better again.


It’s supposed to calm you down, during my second break during hospital something bad has happened and all I wanted to do was go outside in the garden but they wouldn’t let me out I got so agitated I threw a chair at the door so they restrained me which was the worst thing they could do I just became more distressed, I agree with Nick I needed to be let out not to be made to feel more trapped but sometimes it’s needed when people are harming themselves or others it’s their only choice for protection and safety.

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I didn’t know they restrained people, like strait jacket I mean, I didn’t know they did that still…is that still the case.

In Ireland, if you show aggression or violence, you get drugged up to the eyeballs and if you assault someone you go to the padded cell, but I never hear of restraints.

The life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.
Thomas Hobbes, “The Leviathan”
English political philosopher (1588 - 1679)

Anyway, in the hospital I was in if someone got too worked up or out of control and got violent against other people or objects then the nearest nurse would yell “Staff” at the top of their lungs and every nurse within hearing distance would drop what they were doing and run over and they would literally all jump on the poor soul in a 5 or 6 person dog pile. Sometimes if the person was out of his mind and REALLY dangerous they had a large net which they would toss on him/her. When I got restrained they chained me face down by all 4 limbs on a leather table so I could not move in a room by myself. But in a different hospital, they had a chair which they would put the person in and bind his/her arms and legs to the chair. The person would be in front of the nurses station while everybody wandered around in their daily routine. I wondered about this practice after I saw a girl strapped in helplessly while a male patient stood in front of her taunting her, saying some mean things to her.

I’ve only actually met one person who was put in a strait jacket. This was back in the eighties.

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I’ve been put in restraints that I distinctly remember twice. Both times were terrifying and I still get a bit nauseous when I think of those times. I was restrained in the gurney.

I do remember after being restrained, I was sedated. When I came to I was still restrained and left there a few hours until I cried.

I am so sorry for all of you who have been through restraints. life should be much kinder to you than that.


I am against restraints, but fortunately I have never been put in them. People die in restraints every year, they’re very harmful. Padded room and straight jacked are a better option.

i think we should make a petition against it and hand it to the president.