Elders I seek guidance

I’m 26 and female, in a very stressful situation and have been off antipsychotics for 3 months. At first it was just sickness from withdrawal but then I’d have scattered symptoms. Now sometimes it feels like I’m always dealing with something.

Any advice for this kid?

I’m currently on an antidepressan and something for nightmares but that’s about it. I really don’t want to go back on ap meds. I’ve finally came down from the pre-diabetic line.

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Look you can choose being symptom free or you can choose to be off medication. You can’t have both. Take this from someone who has had the illness many many years and has gone off medication many times.

My best advice is find a med that works for you and won’t give you horrible side effects. I’m on rexulti now and it gives me 0 side effects.


My advice is to work with your doctor to find a med that doesn’t give you terrible side effects. My Geodon doesn’t have any side effects for me.

The genesight dna test might be able to tell you what meds you’re likely to respond well to. It’s not 100% accurate, but it might give you an idea.

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I’m going to try to get off meds. I’m tired of being fat. I’m 80 lbs overweight with no motivation, no drive, no energy, etc. I plan on quitting vraylar cold turkey but will stay on lamictal and cymbalta.

I want a girlfriend really bad. I don’t think I’m attractive with all this weight. I used to be fit. I have a decent looking face. I’m tall too.

I think the meds help in certain ways like calming the mind, but they haven’t done ■■■■ for my delusions. I have never hallucinated. If the meds work, why do I still end up in the hospital every 6 months.

My only concern is hurting my parents feelings because I’ve put them through hell. They can’t handle anymore. I kind of take my meds for them.

I really want to work and finish my college degree.

I’ve been hospitalized 17 times in 8 years and been on every AP almost. I’ve been to outpatient countless times.

My recommendation for you is that everyone is different and reacts differently. Some people can handle the increased stress without meds. People here push meds for good reasons.


Ziprexa is the one that works for me but I know I’m not everyone.

Solid advice. I’ve been on a lot of them but I haven’t tried vraylar or rexulti bc I’m so horribly worried about metobolic changes.

I’ve lost almost 60 lbs in 3 months (from 220) at first it was nice but now my body is all messed up lol. I’m meeting with my pdoc and general doctor to figure things out. I’ll do some research into rexulti.


I understand. It’s like you have to choose. What? Either being stable with med side effects, or having TEMPORARY feeling of being normal. Maybe you weren’t on the correct AP for your DNA. The testing mentioned here can be very valuable information.

What you have to decide is if you want more stability, or if you want to take your chances off meds. I’ll just say this… it took a long time to find any AP that worked for me. It’s not foolproof. I want you to have a safe, productive life. You said you’re young, so, talk to professionals. I’m only an interested bystander. You can get STABLE.

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