Elderly friend died of covid...sad

A man from the church I used to go to has passed away from covid…it just doesn’t stop…my brother is still in i c u.


hey wave take a break, you don’t have to be mean every day.

Not trying to sound mean @jukebox
But Covid is no joking matter.
Please try to be more careful.

I’m truly sorry to hear about your brother and friend.

this site is clicky…wave you are out of line…you have no compassion.

I’m sorry if I sounded a bit harsh @jukebox
I don’t attend gatherings during these Covid times.
I care about myself and others (loved ones)

I deleted my post.

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I’m sorry for your loss. I have lost people to covid also. It is horrible.

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An elderly woman from my dad’s church just died from Covid. People are dropping dead like flies. It’s horrible.

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I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Is your brother getting better @jukebox ?

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sorry for your loss @jukebox
i hope your brother gets better soon!

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I’m so sorry @jukebox . How long has your brother been in ICU now? It seems like a long time now

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I heard on German radio an American woman had covid and went amok with the virus. I think, maybe, with that attitude its difficult to contain such a deadly virus. Of course any tragic unneccary death is heartbreaking.

My brother has been in i c u since late november…still a little improvement every week but very slow progress and he is still in trouble with pneumonia.


I’m so sorry. That’s terrible. I hope he gets better soon

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sorry to hear this jukebox…may he rest in peace and i hope your brother will recover quickly