Either/or choices cause of money

Well after looking how much Kennywood is this year, 59.99 per person per day to get in, I gave my son a choice either do that one day or take a ride up to see the beach and he picked the beach. Good choice. But I often need or want things and they aren’t diamonds or anything but have to chose either/or. Makes me even more determined to be able to work a good job some day. I also want a new car, haven’t got a new car in many years but can’t afford one. What this has to do with sz is maybe nothing except the mentally ill generally don’t have much money usually I guess. It sucks…

Which beach? We have some good beaches here In California. Santa Cruz for one. Good luck on job searching.

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I surfed Santa Cruz once. That is a nice beach. It had a roller coster if I remember right.

I live in PA so we would just take a ride to Erie, it’s not the ocean but it is a big nice beach of a great lake I guess. I keep my eyes on the want ads but thanks and I still have my pt job but it don’t pay beans is all.

Yes. A whole boardwalk full of rides, games, food, and girls walking around in bikinis. How did you happen to be in Santa Cruz?

It was years ago and we were visiting family. My cousins, and us brothers went to the beach… sort of a “guys day out” My poor sis was stuck in San Leandro shopping with our aunt and doing “girl stuff”

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I’ve gotten a few jobs from word of mouth. When I’ve been unemployed I tell my friends and family to keep an eye open for job openings. Congratulations on being employed, whether it pays beans or not. Maybe it’s a stepping stone.At least you’re proving you can hold a job for a length of time. I visited a Great Lake in the nineties but I don’t remember which one.