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:eight: Say Anything the VIIIth I am :eight:


That was dark!

You can find more peers like you in a bigger city, @IndustrialLad,

Do you ever go to concerts for some of these industrial bands you like?


So, here’s something that’s been happening at my house lately.

We have a gopher problem,

The jerks are tearing up the whole yard and I hate their little faces for it.

Recently, they’ve taken to staring at me through my window,

Yes, lots of them watching me in my house.

I managed to get a picture but two of them ran off, so here’s one gopher staring me down,

He’s still there as I’m typing this…

(Right in front of the question mark)


They might be seeing their reflection in the window


No, but I think I might like to. Maybe I’ll do that someday.


Haha! (not laughing at you, your post just made me smile :slight_smile: )

Because it reminded me of that Chuck-e-cheese game where you hit the gopher and it pops up somewhere else.

Good luck with that though.


I’m enrolled in a class for spring semester at my community college.

It’s an in person class, but I think that would be better for me.

I really need a goal or something to do this winter. Idle hands do no good work.


Thank you Zilijah! I like your posts I just don’t always know how to respond to them.


All I see is the Riddler Trophy


Wow Ego Likeness played in Pittsburgh just a few weeks ago.


OK Folks - this thread is getting too long (its hard on the software / system ) - we’ll be closing this thread at the end of the day.





That is super exciting!

I think in person classes will be great,

You can be social, but you don’t have to, either way you’re getting out of your comfort zone and that’s a positive.

How many classes?


I’ve gone to some concerts for bands like that and its a VERY diverse crowd.

For some reason that music appeals to all types,

No specific age or race, just people of all kinds.

I think you might fit in with that scene better than you think!


Yeah, it could be cool, I’d just have to work out the logistics. I know I couldn’t afford a night in a hotel.
Ego Likeness wouldn’t have been my first choice but if they played in Cleveland or Akron in a year or two…

The singer is Hot! I genuinely like them too.


If you’re not particular, hotels can be pretty cheap!

Check into it, man,

I’d be really good for you and you’d have a great time.


I’m having yelling fits right now. Yay


I’m only enrolled in 2 right now. One of them is for my degree, and the other one is a filmmaking class.

I’m not sure if I can get certified (GI bill approved) for the filmmaking class though. So I might drop it.

I agree, getting out of my comfort zone will probably be a good thing. :slight_smile:


Great news. What’s your major?

I plan on going next fall when I get a car. I will probably only take 1 intro cs course. Should be easy. I think it’s a hybrid class. I have social anxiety.


It’s looking like…maybe. But I doubt I’d be able to afford it after getting my own apartment unless I get a job, which I want to try to do soon.


That’s awesome Insidemind. My major right now is liberal arts, it’s just a general associate’s degree. But once I finish it, I can pretty much transfer the credits anywhere.