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Waiting on food stamps like


lol, my dad told me when I got my benefits from disability…they were literally waiting for you to die first. The reason why is because when I first received my checks there is literally a box on the envelope that says “CHECK AND RETURN if person is DECEASED”. it kinda made me laugh…now I get direct deposit. I dunno if anybody else has seen this…

I know they tell me that they will take my “estate” when I die. That’s just a fancy way of saying they are going to steal all my stuff.

Had a decent day. It would be nice if my boss would keep me where I’m currently working, even after my finger heals, but he probably won’t. The job I’m doing now is easier, much easier on the hands (they’re not sore), not to mention no power tools. I’m going to be scared as hell the next time I have to use a circular saw.

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I wish you all the best @freakonaleash

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Did they check your B12 & folate?

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I wish like hell that I didn’t have this weird sort-of fear of phone calls. It always takes me a while to work up the nerve to make a call. I need to call the bank that financed my car to see if they will allow me to miss one payment, on account of how broke I am after being unemployed for two weeks. The payment is due in three days, so I really need to make this call after dinner. Their call center is open until 8 p.m.

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Holy (fucks) I am so mad right now.

Just got into a little argument with my husband, where I was clearly in the right,

Not just saying that because I’m me, its a fact.

He’s absolutely not going to admit fault or apologize because that’s just not how he works,

I’m going to have to just be pissed off for a minute, then drop the whole thing.

At the risk of sounding like a child, its not fair!

I don’t need an official letter of apology, just be like, “hey, that was shitty of me, sorry”.

Goddamn men.

Now I gotta go eat a bunch of goldfish crackers or chocolate or something…

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yes I have 5 results below the average and I have 1 in the high.
Not sure :frowning: maybe I should google them to find out what they are.

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I am sorry @freakonaleash just rehearse it before making the call. or write down on your laptop a large amount of text you will say on the phone and read it out loud and afterwards make the call.

I heard iron deficiency is normal for women because of some metabolism thing.

I had my cholesterol and blood sugar checked a few years ago and my HDL was okay but my LDL was too high. My blood sugar was “pre-diabetic” but they told me not to worry about that? But I changed my diet anyway to lower my blood sugar and change my cholesterol levels. HDL cholesterol is actually considered “good” for you. And it also helped that you can raise HDL to lower LDL since LDL is said to be the “bad” cholesterol.

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good evening. I went to the GP and they are taking me off of blood pressure meds since I lost a bunch of wieght.


that’s awesome @BrianTex !
Congratulations for losing weight!

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so my ferritin is 2,7. it is supposed to be 10-291 wow
the GR is below - 4,07 it is supposed to be 4.10-5.10
HB is below - 96 it is supposed to be 120 - 152
HT is below - 0.296 it is supposed to be 0.360-0.450
VGM is below - 72.7 it is supposed to be 80 - 100
TGMH is below - 23.7 it is supposed to be 27 - 33

IDVE is high - 17.6 it is supposed to be 11.5 - 14.5

my blood sugar is actually great, it is 4.7


So researching all this, it seems I have anemia and the fact that Ferritin is low means I guess, I should take iron supplements for a long period.

When I first was ill in 2011, I had the same test results but my psychiatrist told me that I should see a specialist for my iron deficiency because the ferritin is low. But another doctor just gave me iron supplements.

I wonder?

Sounds like a lot to do with iron.

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I should take an appointment for next week and see my doctor before leaving for vacation.

Maybe this is why I feel so tired sometimes for no reason.

I am also not eating well. I do not have energy to prepare food everyday. I need someone to make food for me. I don’t like to eat animals.

when I come back from vacation, I will do something crazy but totally worth it. I will pay a fortune to receive ready made food to my home for me and my partner protein based vegan.

There is a service here who does that. It is designed for healthy weight loss as an add on exercise.

I will research it immediately.

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It could be why you feel tired a lot.

Iron helps create red blood cells and lots of other things. I’d start small with the supplements and work your way up. But just make sure they are good quality. In the USA, they are not regulated very well if you lived here they could not really have any iron in them and instead have things people are allergic to.

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Good news is that a lot of vegetarian dishes are high in iron. Spinach, tofu, potatoes(!), cocoa beans…