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That is super exciting!

I think in person classes will be great,

You can be social, but you don’t have to, either way you’re getting out of your comfort zone and that’s a positive.

How many classes?

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I’ve gone to some concerts for bands like that and its a VERY diverse crowd.

For some reason that music appeals to all types,

No specific age or race, just people of all kinds.

I think you might fit in with that scene better than you think!

Yeah, it could be cool, I’d just have to work out the logistics. I know I couldn’t afford a night in a hotel.
Ego Likeness wouldn’t have been my first choice but if they played in Cleveland or Akron in a year or two…

The singer is Hot! I genuinely like them too.

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If you’re not particular, hotels can be pretty cheap!

Check into it, man,

I’d be really good for you and you’d have a great time.

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I’m having yelling fits right now. Yay

I’m only enrolled in 2 right now. One of them is for my degree, and the other one is a filmmaking class.

I’m not sure if I can get certified (GI bill approved) for the filmmaking class though. So I might drop it.

I agree, getting out of my comfort zone will probably be a good thing. :slight_smile:

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Great news. What’s your major?

I plan on going next fall when I get a car. I will probably only take 1 intro cs course. Should be easy. I think it’s a hybrid class. I have social anxiety.

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It’s looking like…maybe. But I doubt I’d be able to afford it after getting my own apartment unless I get a job, which I want to try to do soon.

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That’s awesome Insidemind. My major right now is liberal arts, it’s just a general associate’s degree. But once I finish it, I can pretty much transfer the credits anywhere.

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I hope the filmmaking class works out,

That would be fun and useful for you.

Very, very exciting!

I’m getting a cold and these goddamned gophers keep evil-eyeing me.

Oy vey!

I’d take another picture but its practically nighttime here already.

The sun sets really early and I live in a canyon or valley so we lose the sun around like 4:30, its redonk.

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Redonk? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen/heard that word before. Or was that a typo?

Hope you feel better soon and get some good flow going on .

Yeah, me too. I’ve felt like dog ■■■■ all day.

Not a typo,

Adventure Time will demonstrate the proper use:


Apparently, they also have a t-shirt:


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Yikes. :astonished: Do you have any meds to calm you down?

Yes, I’m finally calm.


Yay ! I’m glad. :sunny:

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Bah humbug!

40 Days till Christmas.

Continue the posting frenzy at

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