Egoistic people

I have a “friend”. I even went to an unwanted trip with him (of 4 days) because he was scared of going alone to an exam. I paid everything for my trip (even the hotel, plane and trains tickets).

Talking with other people I realized that I was the only stupid person around that would do that (he isn´t even that close but he wouldn´t go to the exam if I didn´t go with him). My mistake.

Now that he approved the exam he wants to stay next year at my place at the beginning, untill he finds somewhere that fits his budget.

I don´t want anyone living with me. Not even for a week. But I don´t know how to tell him this (I think usually people let friends stay for at least a week). I told him that my place was small and he needed to buy an extra mattress. Now he doesn´t talk to me and he is cold in our interaction.

It seems that I will finally be the bad guy of the story. Btw I still need to tell him that I don´t want him to stay, and I don´t know how.

Thanks for your comprehension, best!

@dreamer54 The Truth is the most Egotistical People can all be found in one/two places its called Social Media!

Look at it as though you are caring for yourself and it will be easier. You can say, “That won’t work for me.”


You are one experience richer. Next time you know.

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This friend doesn’t sound like a friend, just a person who takes advantage of other people. I would avoid him.


Be careful when People asks for stuff,

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I agree with @velociraptor. Sounds like he’s just using you and isn’t a true friend. Better to get away from him even if it’s hard. He’ll probably get angry when you stand up for yourself and say hurtful things hoping you’ll back down. But hold your ground. You deserve real friends. Friends that respect your boundaries.


It’s totally not your fault, I’m so angry he treat you like that
that’s not what friend do, you are not bad guy.
I think you should avoid people like him.
I can’t say much or help you much
but I wish the best for you!

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Your friendship shouldn’t hinge on you doing something for him. I agree with you, it’s asking too much. If he’s really a friend he should be able to respect that and still be friends.


Thanks everyone. I´ve been postponing to tell him that I don´t want him to stay by my place by putting him some obstacles but he doesn´t catch the hints.

I think some day soon I will need to tell him that he can´t stay and be a complete ■■■■■■■. I think i overestimate the consequences…

Btw, not letting someone stay by your place 1 week is, in your opinion, rude?

In my opinion, I’m a type of person who very serious about my personal space.
my old friends did respect my personal space and never forced me to do something I do not want to, that is how friends should do, at least in my opinion

So I will try to put myself in situation
My place, is Mine
I’m the one who decide to let anyone come over or stay at my place or not
I have right to decide without other party opinion, because it’s my place not their.
1 week or 1 day is no differecnt If I don’t want to, they can’t forced me for their own convenient

and the same goes for your, your place is your, you can decide
whatever you feel comfortable with the most,
you’re the most important person in your life, so you should put your own comfort first.
You deserve to feel comfortable and put yourself before other people…I think.

but yes that just how I live, it’s might be wrong

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