Egads! I'm out of money

Whoops. Gonna have to get creative this week.

Could sell destiny/Gta V I wasn’t impressed with those games.

I liked GTA 5 but I was off my medication. My interest increases when i’m off meds. Destiny I don’t know if thats a great game as I was medicated when I played it. When I play games now it’s just battlefield 4 and not very often only for 20 mins.

Buy rice and pasta for a few bucks if you’re short on food, it’ll do you all week and more. Maybe get some soy sauce for the rice too.

It sucks how that stuff drops in value just by owning it,I quit selling my games off.

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I know this feel

Wish I didn’t have too, but I don’t really have a choice.

Forgot I had a ps3 back there in storage. Spare controller and whatnot

Crisis averted.


I am always low on cash it seems…just stop smoking dummy, I say to myself.

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I always slip into getting a coffee in the morning one day, then suddenly its two, then 3 over the course of a week I spend to much on that stuff. Then I get into situations similar to these and swear it all off.

Works for a few days then I start to slip again.

Gotta stick with it this time.

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i have a grand total of 46 pounds to last me till next wednesday…luckily i have a lot of food in the freezer as i cook up batches of meals, portion them and freeze them…that way i’ve always got food. i also buy pasta and rice and if the worst happens and i have no money i just eat pasta or rice with garlic butter poured on it.

as for those coffees i 've learned the hard way to make my own. i now drink iced lattes made at home…sooo much cheaper than costa or starbucks…as they both sell their own brand of coffee at the store. i buy that and make an espresso then mix in half a pint of cold milk and add ice eh voila, iced latte…try it and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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What is Egads? I’m so confuseda

Hey we’re in the same boat more or less.

I tried brewing coffee at home, but it just doesn’t do the trick. An espresso machine would be nice, but that’ll have to wait.

Just an expression.

Must be kansian…

A common exclamation, abbreviated from phrases such as “Ye gods!”.

Says urban dictionary

Too lord of the rings for me…


I don’t use it often. It just came to mind.

I’m joking…just trying to bug you, I’m bored.

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Yeah I’m bored too.

You working right now?

Yes. Standing and chewing ice, in between customers.

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Ah. So it goes (fifteen characters)