Effeminacy in male doctors

The effeminate lie a lot. If they are lying about their sexuality, it stands to reason that they’ll lie about almost anything.

A lot of psychiatrists are effeminate. As a man it makes me not trust them because I think they secretly want to have control over my life. This happened on two occasions once voluntary and once involuntary. Find a gay woman to be your doctor is you are a female

Guys, what? Seriously? No. Just…no.

There is no correlation between being effeminate and lying. It’s just a natural disposition some folks have.


Ok. Just speaking from experience. I had noticed effeminacy and lying. Maybe it’s not always.

I thought that about one of the male nurses in hosp, only to find out he’d had testicular cancer and probably had a ball removed.

That has that kind of effect on people!

QFT :slight_smile:


None of my psychiatrists seemed effeminate in the least. Nerdy, geeky, and weird maybe, but not effeminate.