Effects of prolixin on male potency

Have taken prolixin in the past. No problems with potency with prolixin until the doc prescribed me invega sustenna. Then i just became useless.

Doc denies that the invega is affecting me in this way. If he still wants me on invega gonna refuse. I don’t smoke weed anymore. I don’t abuse welbutrin pills anymore. I feel centered at this stage of life

What are your experiences with prolixin as a male?

Is it all in my head that prolixin had much less effect on potency?

No, it’s not in your head, it’s an established fact. Invega and Risperdal both affect sex drive/prolactin elevation/sexual dysfunction/ejaculation issues. Prolixin does not do any of those things. If you’re having issues with your libido or something else, let your psychiatrist know, and hopefully they will change you over to something less distressing.