Effects of being a university student


Being a college student as a schizophrenic- what are the pros and cons?


Get lots support (I have mentor and counsellor)
U have comradeship with other students
Something to strive for to get results
Gets u out and about with a goal
Can be stressful especially if having ongoing issues with schiz

Sometimes I think I’m better at college 2half days than am not at college


Yes - don’t forget that its not “all or none”. Being a part=time student is also a good option, so that the stress doesn’t get too significant. Schools will usually work with you if you tell them about your mental health conditions.

Also - if you’re in an area that has a junior college that might be an option which is less intense than full time university.


Pros: I haven’t had a friend group this amazing since the 7th grade, tons of fun events, independence and being able to get away from home life (unless you’re a commuter, I don’t know how they do it, to me the nest was getting WAY too small) Also it raises your chances of being able to get a job? Doesn’t guarantee it anymore…sigh…and if you want to do a job that requires higher education like grad school than college is a must.

Cons: Stress and pressure. So. Much. Of it. I guess it depends on your major though. An anthropology major is going to have it a lot easier than a science major or engineer for example. But still college is like 10 levels up in difficulty compared to high school. If you ever took AP classes in high school and freaked out over studying for the big exam at the end of the year, all of the college exams are like that, only they cover about twice as much material, things move really fast.

The stress throws me into episodes fairly regularly. But I still actually get less then I did when I was at home (my home life is very hectic) so it was a fantastic change for me, regardless.


-have a life
-have a shot at your dreams
-good place to meet people
-programs for what you are interested in
-meet professors who know everything

-sitting through ■■■■■■■■ classes
-gym is crowded
-stress can drive us into relapse
-competitive-this is a con for some, I like competition


I’m going to a community college not so much for a degree… but more for job training.

I’ve taken a lot of classes on-line… a few on campus. The office for students with disabilities helped me greatly.

Going to college has gotten me closer to a goal… It’s been good getting into the habit of school from the on-line classes.

Good luck and I hope you find a class you enjoy.


i admire everyone who can do college or go to uni with sz…i find you all amazing.
:dog: my dog is clapping with his paws…
take care :alien:



You make friends
have structure
it’s a challenge


It competes with work for your attention
You can’t do everything all the time.
It makes you prioritize, which is a pro and a con.