Educating psychiatrists

Only because i admit that ive tried them a couple of times. The best way a normal person can understand psychosis is if they have had a bad experience on a very high dose of magic mushrooms and imagine being permanently stuck there without control. Its the only way a psychiatrist can try to understand.


I wish psychiatrists had to take antipsychotics as part of their education. And take a very high dose of weed or psychedelics.

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So you’re saying a doctor can’t treat a broken leg if they have never broken their own leg?


I think trauma and psychosis is so fundamental to your experience of the world…and antipsychotics, for me, harmed me in such a fundamental way (next to the way they helped me come out of a very deep state of terror as well)…that I do not think it is comparable like that.

I do not feel psychiatrists were helpful, because they had no understanding at all. Of what I was going through. And what they did to me. And what I needed.

I do not think they need to go through psychosis. I do think psychedelics would make them understand better…but that would obviously be a bad idea. What I do think, is that psychiatrists better stop being arrogant ■■■■■■■■ (most of them). And start listening very very very carefully to the experiences of all of us…as a part of their training. Rather than thinking they know better.

The only thing coming close to the attitude of most psychiatrists…was the male gynaecologist who told me in an annoyed voice: “this does not hurt”. When he was stitching me up after childbirth. And I layed there with my face twisted, telling him that it was very painful. He can do that job. But he should listen to what his patient experiences.


I just realized – I forgot to ask my therapist if she was also sexually abused as a kid. I mean, she’s been helpful - VERY helpful - but if there’s no understanding…

I had also better give back my Flomax tablets for my prostate. Prescribed by a lady doc, y’know.

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I explicitly did not say you cannot be helpful, if you did not go through it.

I say you cannot be helpful, if you are arrogant. And do not listen to the experience, of the people you try to help. The more faraway from your own experience it is…the more careful you need to listen. I personally have only met one psychiatrist who was capable of that. That does not mean your therapist does not understand either.

If I say: I have depression and psychosis every month before I get my period. And my psychiatrist says: that is not true, my book says PMS does not exist. That does not help. If your lady doc says: i read that prostate problems do not exist. I do hope you change docs too.


I’m not going to take the advice of someone seriously that suggests dropping LSD for anyone.

It’s not only ridiculous, it’s dangerous, and also against forum rules.


That was not serious. Obviously. What I said, is I think it would help them understand. But it would be better if they just listened very carefully to the experiences of all of us. During training.

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This is a mental health forum with unwell people that can and have taken everything written seriously.

The flag gives you an opportunity to edit the post. Remove the reference to that and it’ll be restored.

Yeah, maybe I should have been more careful with how I phrased it. I always assume people understand you should not seriously drop LSD. You may also respond calmly, rather than aggressively though.

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I will respond as I see fit when rules are broken. This is far from “not calm”.

Tones of voice matter.

I cannot edit it. I agree that I phrased it in a clumsy way. Remember not being a native speaker, also makes it hard sometimes to find the right phrasing. What I tried to say was exactly this: it would help them understand, but would obviously be ridiculous to introduce, so maybe listening would be wise.

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Trust me, if my tone was agressive, you would have known it. Blunt and factual is not aggressive.

Now, please go back to to thr discussion because this derail is long enough.

My pdoc who was an NP just left and I’ve so far had two meetings with the new pdoc. The new pdoc is very impressive. I feel so transparent in front of her even just talking on the phone. I don’t believe she’d ask me to work, I just look so bad when I talk to her. I have been able to fool most psychiatrists. I call it putting my best face forward. I know no other way to act. If I let go I’d be very inappropriate.

I once had a pdoc who was very kind but clearly didn’t know the seriousness of mental illness and drug addiction. I think he was in denial because that was his way of coping with his patients. He told me he was getting a little crazy and he had nightmares.

I don’t know about anyone else,

But I get the distinct feeling my pdoc has done a lot of psychedelics.

He seems like he was fun in college,

Is what I’m trying to say, I guess.

No thats not my logic but they would treat it better at least with more understanding if they had

Trooooth. Please don’t ask how I know this.


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Since we can’t seem to stop the drug talk, closing.

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