Ect vs invega sustenna

What’s the difference between ect and invega sustenna

ECT can damage your brain and once its done its permanent, i.e cognitive and memory impairments. ECT is mostly done for people with psychotic depression to bring them out that state. I don’t think its done on people with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective (unless its depression) Thats what antipsychotics is for and they manage a cluster of symptoms.

I’m on Invega and it works fine for me.

So invega wears off as ect is permanent will my dopamine restore once it’s out of my body

Some say it has a permanent effect of dopamine receptors.

Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding who said that

Read the thread invega thread on here.

I did. It may take years to properly bind again the brain is amazing it’s like anything else yes it may cause damage but they upregulate once it’s out of your system so don’t scare me like that unless you have facts

Why do you think the invega is having an affect on your ability feel pleasure, anhedonia?

Yes obv no goddamn dopamine

i didn’t mean to frighten you. I have similar side effects of Invega.

It’s okay but do you think I’ll go back to normal once it’s out of my system it’s just medication in the muscle it has to leave at some point

I don’t know. I have been stuck on this medication for 3 years and their is no sign of me coming off it because I’m court appointed to take it.

What happened to you that’s sad to me don’t mean to be rude

I have wrote this here before. For me I feel flat most of the time. I used to get bursts of euphoria all the time and have a warm feeling of contentment but now I feel mostly numb, the only time I get euphoria is when I drink coffee and thats sort lived. i’m on 75mg so can’t imagine what double that amount is like.

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