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Does anyone else have an ECG for effects of APs on their heart?

The clinic I go to makes me go to one every year, and I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

I intend to stop going, is that a bad idea?


Some APs can possibly be damaging to the heart, so the doctors probably just want to make sure everything’s alright.
You shouldn’t stop going, it’s only once a year.

And wouldn’t you rather they found out if there were damage, so they could switch your medication or give you treatment, rather than die from undiscovered heart failure?


To be honest Berru, and you did ask, when my time is come, it is come.

I have social paranoia and going out for me isn’t easy, so I avoid appointments if I can.

I’ll stop these.

Maybe it would be good training for you? If you isolate yourself, I fear it would get worse.
And like I said, it’s only once a year.


What med are you on? If you refuse the test your doctor may want to switch you to a different med.


I just wondered if it’s normal, if everyone has an ECG every year?

I’ve done 2 so far and they were fine… I don’t think I need the tests…

I’m on zyprexa

I’m on haldol and do not get them routinely from my psychiatrist.

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My pdoc tests my blood pressure a few times a year.

Even if you’re fine on the tests, better safe than sorry.
You’re only fine until you’re not.


So you don’t have ECG’s every year Berru but I should?

FIne :stuck_out_tongue:

People do not normally have regular ECG on Zyprexa as it doesn’t affect the heart much.

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Thanks Simonw

It does seem like a waste of time to me.

No I don’t, but I’m not on zyprexa.
And just because others don’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. If your doctor deems it necessary, it must be for a good reason. If you want to stop doing the ECG’s, you should talk to your doctor about it.

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Do you have any other risk factors for your heart?

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What is a ‘good reason?’

I honestly think it’s just to make us think we are being cared for, ie political reasons.

Money reasons, as it all comes down to.

I’ll be ok, you’re a sweetie Berru… hope that is not offensive to you…

I go to sleep, thanks Berru and others for replying.

I just don’t think doctors would order unnecessary tests. Why waste both their and your time?
If you want to quit doing them, you should let your doctor know.


To be honest yes I do LED

I was planning to stop the tests, but I’ll reconsider that decision.

The ECG’s are done at a mental health clinic so I assume it’s because of the anti-psychotic… and zyprexa isn’t a big risk to the heart as far as I know.

I’ll discuss with my therapist on the next appointment.

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