My mind forces me to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations,has anyone in here experienced this

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Now why would you want to do something like that?
What do you hope to hear?

I was told you never hear anything to your benefit by eavesdropping. But can be easy to do if you are paranoid and think people are conversing about you.

Think your right about that.
I have no interest in listening to people talk if they don’t know I can hear them.
I used to try all kinds of ridiculous ways to record my ex, because I knew he was recording me, but I always fell asleep trying to listen to the recorded tape.

I don’t do it intentionally,my brain literally forces me to listen

I’m so sorry you have to listen to stuff like that.
Ever hear anything interesting?

I came across conversations that shot me down so much, I don’t think I’d ever want to eavesdrop intentionally. On second thought, I am hungry to know what’s going on in the house, so I listen in for that reason.

I think it’s because I hear my thoughts out loud…so I listen to people talking to hear if they are repeating my thoughts

Kind of like “Are you thinking what I’m thinking”? Sometimes an expression on a face can tell you if that is so.

Same here. I can only block out what people are saying temporarily with great effort. Of course often I start hearing hallucinations instead of what they are actually saying.

Yes, I have heard a schizophrenic or two say he would make a good spy because while he was at one table in a restaurant, he would be hearing the conversations at other tables. I identify. Most people are able to filter out extraneous noise in a way I am not able to do.

I think the brain of mine cannot do well what its called “gaiting”.

Incidentally, the tobacco companies make the argument that schizophrenics value smoking because it helps them filter out unwanted sound. For example, most folks sitting at their kitchen tables quickly ignore the sound of the refrigerator humming away. That may not be so for many schizophrenics, however.


Have you told your pdoc about this

If you mean the hallucinations that sound just like the people I hear, she’s aware the meds don’t help much. I’ve tried nearly every ap available here. Not much is better than the no good effect I’ve mainly had up to this point.

I listen to what other people are saying when they are talking to each other. Half the time it sounds like code directed at me but I realize it isn’t. I try not to listen but I can hear what they’re saying anyways whether I listen or not. I don’t go out of my way to eavesdrop though.

What med are you on?

Invega depot