Eating southern food....king cake and boudin sausage!

I always wanted to try the King Cake down south in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Since it’s next tuesday they were selling some in the grocery store…all it is is glorified cinnamon rolls apparently…I was expecting a bit more…oh well…this store also sells boudin sausage…delicious and southern. Anybody eat crawfish? yummm…


Now I’m hungry… Haha!

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Personally, i would like to try American soul food. Looks terrible for you, but delicious! I’d also like to try an authentic key lime pie! I also love pumpkin pie.

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Spent a bit of time in New Orleans and a lot of the staples weren’t what you think they were. It’s like I never got into crawfish but I didn’t suck the heads. That is where they said the flavour was but no way was I sucking the heads of a crawfish!

Still. You put on 10lbs in the first week in New Orleans. I can vouch for that! As an eating town it’s crazily so good!

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