Eating healthy

I’ve decided I want to start eating healthy but I don’t think I can. It will require eating vegetables and I’m a picky eater.

To start I need to know what eating healthy will involve. I want to create a list of healthy meals I like and I need ideas. Please post your healthy meal ideas.

This thread can help everyone learn healthy meal ideas too.


I had a Moroccan beef wrap today. It is tasty and I consider it healthy eating.


Minestrone soup made with frozen vegetables and soup mix.

Vegetable stir fry.

Bean salad.


I recommend unprocessing your diet for a start. Nothing pre-made. Your meals have to be scratch cooked from fresh or frozen ingredients. Some canned veggies and sauces are okay. If you want to cut down on sweets and treats try this rule: You can eat anything EXCEPT THAT you have to have made it yourself.


Ah man, my entire diet is essentially processed, lol

You had to go and make life difficult, lol

I think I can follow that rule. I worked in restaurants for years, I know how to cook.


I’m making your life better. You won’t be able to stand packaged or fast food after a few months of eating the real deal. Hey, do you like donairs?


Yes i agree with @ozymandias. Unprocessed food is the way, you need the fibres of fruit and vegetables for the digestive system and can’t be replaced with supplements. Try to drink 2 litres of water a day. In winter hot tea and in sumner cool water. On top you can google for superfoods like olives, beans etc…


What are donairs?

Heaven in a pita.

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If you don’t like veggies what about fruit, the food of the gods.


Maybe not for everyone.
I only eat Soups and Salads. Soups from cans. Salads I make myself very little cooking.

I use Strawberries. Apples. Avocados. Quinoa. Nuts. Fried eggs. Boiled eggs. Grilled Chicken (fake). Spinach or Romaine or Cabbage. Range of dressings.

Both don’t have to be boring. I’m sure there are more interesting salad ingredients.

Good luck eating healthy.


I love red Delicious Apples. Strawberries dipped in sweetener are not bad (better with sugar but I’m diabetic).

I like blueberry and raspberry yogurt.

But that’s about it.

Banana’s make me gag, lol
Cantaloupe is disgusting

Haven’t tried much else.

You could have fruit in a smoothie.
Frozen fruit is cheaper than fresh fruit.
I buy frozen blueberries.

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