Eating has become a struggle

I feel like ive turned ghoul almost. Like all i can withstand is coffee and some other things but its become a problem. For the past week ive gone down to about a meal a day. I don’t even feel hungry anymore and trying to force myself to eat is like i said a ghoul trying to eat regular human food. Another big problem is since im young i don’t cook often and going out to get food is sometimes a struggle because i don’t have a car and have to walk everywhere. Its really healthy to walk and i can go anywhere basically by foot but sometimes the laziness kicks in. What should i do? What helps other people to have a healthy nutritional diet?

Hi Kazuma. I don’t have much of an appetite, or I don’t have much motivation for eating rather. I have meal replacement shakes instead of food most days.

My suggestion would be to stock up on some staples like canned foods, or healthy frozen goods or stuff like pasta, or oatmeal, or cold cereal but not the sugary type. Maybe buy some bottled pasta sauce to keep on hand. Buy frozen vegetables. Just stock up on those. You should still try to shop as often as you can for stuff like dairy, meat, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, because fresh food is generally healthier than canned goods. But if you stock up on the foods I mentioned, then you will always have food on hand for those days that you don’t feel like going to the market. You get the idea.

And another thing that would save you money
is to shop sales as often as possible. When your favorite foods go on sale than buy as many of them as will fit in your house. Tuna or soup for example. Lots of stores have two for the price of one deals.

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I wish I had a problem with eating too little. I eat mostly microwavable food. There are such kinds of food that are fairly tasty, at least to me. I have to buy things I don’t like too much because I eat more than I should when I get them. I bought a box of breakfast cereal, and I ate the whole thing in two days.

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Buy some pizzas and stick them in the freezer. You’ll put on weight in no time with pizzas. There’s no such thing as ‘bad’ calories if you’re not eating.

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