Eating good, losing weight

17 pounds to go. Tonight is Lamb or London Broil, and asparagus. And a big glass of fat-free milk.


Hey nick

how far along are you ? what was the goal weight loss?

I’m on a great diet with no sugar

I do sometimes have orange juice, i sometimes have a handful of sultanas and rarely fresh pineapple

That’s a bad day if I have them, but compared with buying and eating 3 magnums on the way home after cake for a break and 5 biscuits and 2 yoghurts?

I’ve lost 15 lbs 42 to go

Well, I started at 255 lbs. My goal weight is 199 lbs. Yeah, I don’t eat sugar except for brown and white Splenda.

I started at 191, goal weight 134

Good luck. You can do it.

Tell me how you are losing, my doctor says that I eat too little and that’s why I gain weight instead of losing it.

Try it at your own risk.
pros and cons

I have a method how to lose or not to gain weight. Basically I do not buy ever clothes that are too loose, I rather have tighter jeans that I wear. However I still want to lose five kilos (10 lbs).

I had blood work done on me, and the doctor told me my cholesterol was 270, and my blood sugar was on the verge of becoming type II diabetes. He told me I needed to lose weight, so I’ve cut back on my food intake. I drink a lot of 1% fat milk, and I’ve cut way back on sugar. My eating habits were pretty bad for a while.


I take also cholesterol and diabetes meds. One reason why I want to lose some weight.

I have been eating less and more low carb - healthier in general.
I measured my blood glucose levels and they were still pretty high - maybe its because I increased the meds recently.
I did lose like 4 or 5 pounds - I need to lose a whole lot more - my goal is being under the 200 mark -

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The Battle of the Bulge - we fight it all our lives.

I cut out all of the fast food and have been trying to eat well myself in the last month. So far so good.

My one rule is no sugar or added sweetness of any kind
Low carb options mostly
Sometimes no wheat
Very little portions or diet shakes or just meat on its own with a veg
I sometimes have some orange juice. or a couple of large handfuls of sultanas. Or a large portion of pineapple.That is the worst I’ve done since Boxing Day, other than some profiteroles which were made by friend and I was in their house and couldn’t refuse.and a lemonade by accident. I thought it was my sparkling wine.
Oh yeah and I’ve had mayonnaise which has a bit of sugar in it.
And one fishcake with a bit of dextrose as an ingredient but that was at the in-laws.
On holiday I went a bit crazy with thenon-alcoholic fruit cocktails having one a day
God knows if they put sugar in every single savoury dish though

64 days in and that is all the sugars I’ve had I can remember every intentional one and they all were intentional
No dates or figs no high fructose corn syrup no added fructose or maple syrup or molasses or even agave nectar

No chocolate no biscuits no ice cream no cake no diabetic options or dark chocolate or sweetened yoghurt very little wheat
Soya milk instead of cows milk but a fair ammount of cheese
Protien shakes, raw vegan ones with soya milk rather than skipping meals or just eating a ton of fruit . quite a bit not quite enough vegetables still, I always struggle a bit eating A large amount down To one or two portions most days

I have already had one major plateau for a month where I didn’t lose any weight overall.
In fact the scales started to go the other way and I gained 2 pounds.
When I noticed this I just cut back again straightaway as though I have been doing it all my life and I was a slim person. That I think above all is what no sugar has done for me
I’m trying to be flexible by allowing myself pineapple for example when I really crave it. I don’t know if this is a mistake yet I might have to cut out fruit altogetherperhaps I’ll try and eat more vegetables and only have two pieces of fruit a day for treats
Generally I have four or five pieces of fruit and one portion of vegetables or two portions of vegetablesthat is a lot but I don’t think I am overdoing it in an addicted way

This is really my own made up diet.
It’s Atkins with a bit more fruit and added protein shakes instead of meals quite often. I find them very filling

And ultimately im eating less.a lot less.

Hungry now.