Easy to ripoff?

I do have difficulties shopping although it is much better now adays since I do not have voices anymore as such.

They used to say I am not aloud out cause I’m too ugly and unlic d and do not deserve food …etc

There was a time I could not shop.

Now I can shop but it can be difficult.

So much to take in with people and things everywhere…

I think it might be noticeable that I struggle a bit because…

I went to a Thai restaurant where I used to live and they charged me $60 more than I ordered and got…

I was trying my b st but could not check right amount etc …

When I got home and saw I had paid $60 too much it was to late.

A woman tried to sell me a supplementa for almost $40…

Luckily I did not get trucked this time because I remember paying much less for it.

I ended up buying the same product from some one else much cheaper.

I unliked her on Facebook.

My mum says it is noticeable
just by talking to me that I am disabled


I am easy to rip off because of my disability and troubles around people etc

My boyfriend does well and al says gets bargains.

I am good with my money.

I al says pay bills on time and our pets have food ,I love hunk I am good and even my boyfriend said I am good with my money but sometimes I do get ripped off and tricked to pay more than others by people who know they can get away with it by targeting me as such…,

I am not well enough to argue about it and etc

Do you think that happens to you somewhere?

That people
Some people do that to you?

I can not focus and count while I am in the shop by cash register because it is too much for me as I get as I get.

I am grateful for our food and pray for it although I am not a member of any religion…

I am thankful but some people notice they can do this too me…

I am happy I got to buy this supplement at a much cheaper price.

Huge difference!

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My husband gets ripped off by salespeople, too. They have a knack for spotting easy targets, unfortunately. I speak to all salespeople for him, now.


That said I am happy we can buy good food and drink .

Thankful for all I have but still do not want to get ripped off.

Being thankful for what I have does not mean I want to get ripped off and pay more than 3/4 more than anyone else…

This woman was


Maybe someone you can trust could handle your finances for you.

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No way man!!!

I have been told I am good with my money.

I pay bills on time , pay for my neigh and our food etc

Having someone else handle my finances is not ok.

I realise people are trying to disable me …

That is not what I am saying.

That is disabling some one who has the ability but gets ripped off every now and then.

I am sorry but I am not ok with that.

I am good with my money and take it as a insault saying someone else should handle my money…

I do not drink , smoke or do drugs.

Because they make so much money on taxes of cigarettes and alcohol…

They do not care if you spend money on such cause they get it back but if you spend the same amount on things that are good for you then it’s “don’t deserve that”

Same amount of money just buying different things…

People around me smoke and drink and no one ever complains about that but if I spend same amount on good things like great food for neigh etc it’s huge Dramazzz…

As said I pay bills on time , al aus have food for my neigh etc

I am sorry for you to jump to such a conclusion.

Maybe you just miss understanding…

I have been getting enough hate and suppression thankzzz



I do not trust anyone for that.

They have different opinions what to spend on.

I pay my bills on time and am not in debt.

Why would you write such a thing???

That is a belittling suppressing cruel thing to suggest just because some people may of stolen nfrom me n ripped me off a bit…

Eventually I shop elsewhere…

Nope dont like getting ripped off… it only takes a minute to google avg price of the item…

i have difficulty in rent to own places…but the added rent on the price is stupid high compared to straight out buying…

always try to talk them down…individuals too… prolly wouldnt work on walmart tho.


My grandma who died had my grandfather hold all money .

She got expensive clothes and Jewellery so every one thought she was so lucky to have such a generous husband but the truth was she had nothing …

He took power from her by not letting her have any money.

She had to ask him for money and say what it is for…

Things were not as perfect as they looked.

Somehow she eventually divorced him .
Probably got help from her mum.

After that she had her own money to spend on what ever she wanted.

She had Jewelry stolen (from her friends probably)

It is disempowering to do such a thing.


No way!!!

I am proud I always pay bills on time and am good with my money.

It’s just some people try to rip me off when they notice I am disabled …

But then again some others help me and are genuinely helpful and hon st and true…

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Financial abuse does happen in disability and aged care.

I understand in some cases it might be needed for some individuals to get assistance in managing their finances …

Some priorities alcohol and smokes ,gambling etc and that is their choice and they may do so because they feel or think these destructive things help them …

It is said elderly and disabled should be empowered not suppressed and abused or caters stealing from them …

Anyway… I can not find the words now but I think you might understand.

Always get a receipt. If you get home and find you got overcharged on something call them up and tell them. If a salesperson deliberately cheated you, go to the manager. A manager has to keep customers happy, that’s their job. They will listen to you and work with you to solve the problem.


I’ve been swayed, to my detriment, by good salesmen and women too.

There is a saying that if anything you want to buy costs $100 or more, don’t buy it right then. Wait another 24 hours before you buy. Maybe after 24 hours, the urge to buy won’t be as strong and you’ll decide against it the next day. I need to start practicing this.


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