Easter bicycle riding

I went to ride my bicycle today, it was sunny and it was nice to ride my bicycle. Many people were outside, some running, some bicycling, some walking. I felt that it was back to normal and that the coronavirus crisis was over. Sometimes I would like to have a car so that I could visit other towns and cities. I have been riding my bicycle nearly 18 years after I returned from Miami and America. Bicycling is good for both physical and mental health as is exercising in general. Did you exercise today?


I’ve noticed the same sort of thing here where i live @mjseu. Lots of people out riding their bikes. I swear since the coronavirus hit there has been an increase in bike sales in my local area. We’ve still got lockdown but you are allowed to go out and exercise. People have been taking part in that because we’re all so damn sick of being stuck at home.


I just put new shifters on my bicycle a couple days ago. It was about. $65/3hr job because I had never done it before and didn’t really know what I was doing.

Unfortunately the weather will be too cold until next weekend (at least) to go riding.

My bike is 15 years old and needs repairs. Fortunately they still make parts for it. Because the new bikes are $$$.

Edit: how much does a decent bicycle cost in Finland @mjseu? The ones I like are $750 - $1000. And that’s for a decent one.

I have an inexpensive city bike. Somebody stole my bicycle last summer and I had to get a new bike, it was just 290 euros, so not very expensive. I do have no car and so I ride my bicycle everywhere. It is good exercising. I also like to sit on the park benches during my bicycle riding. Just sit and think nothing, I have noticed it feels quite good.

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Bikes can be expensive, but my bicycle was just 290 euros. Just a standard city bicycle.

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