East coast americans

Go check on the moon @ 730… I hope its up enough for me to see it next time zone over in 40 mins…should be though…

At 445PM Pacific?

Aw when for the west coast? I wanna go looky.

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Ah it will be I can see the snow moon now…don’t know how many time zones will be able to see it…sadly I think you west coaster may miss it… Maybe we all can see the comment though…

Aw there’s gonna be an eclipse lol so no earth passing in front of the moons sun light for you… Also a comet will pass by close you may see that not sure exactly what time…or even where to look… …full moon regardless though…

Edit…will just be less bright …earths atmosphere will dampen the amount of light the moon gets… Aw…

Not a total loss to be on the West coast,

it’s 63 degrees out and sunny with clouds… I have my front window open and it smells B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.


Aw it lacks the graveyard and trees…


Remember I’m Sz…I can fill in the blanks with a good imagination.
er, some of those red dots looks like a red mickey mouse head, or a heart.

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Lol true… The mickey mouse shaped lights are grave lights but my hand shakes …lol… You can kinda make out the bare tree limbs reaching up in front of the moon… My house is across the street from the graveyard… Good neighbors to have… A little creepy when it gets foggy though…

Lol we thought the same… I wrote that last bit before I read your interpretation of them…

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I live very close to a grave yard now, and my second house ever (out of 4) was across the street from same graveyard.
Very quiet neighbors, but I think I picked up a few spookles that are still with me now.

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Ah…it didn’t rise far enough up to clear the hazey low clouds that were headed east for me to notice much…if anything… Also I checked with a nerd page The comet is…not visible to the naked eye…its wonderfully green from the pics I’ve seen though… Dam Normie news… giving me false hope with their extreme lack of knowledge on the subjects… Normie news…PFFff… On the plus found a nerdy reliable source for skynews…

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Yeah, they’re nice and quiet. No loud parties. :grin:


I agree, graveyards are good neighbors.

I live down the street from a graveyard and crematorium.

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I’m interested in the site…what’s the name?

@Csummers hello dear…I want you to talk to a psychiatrist. do it for me? haha shure you will…haha…I wish you didn’t suffer thinking you had spooks in your house.

It’s not me alone that knows this, something just ain’t right in this house, and if I told you some of the experiences others saw with me in this house, you’d know it can’t be chalked up to being delusional.

I’m seriously thinking about contacting a parapsychologist, but I’m sure it would prove me right…but then, what would it change?
I’m serious @jukebox, it’s not only me, I wish you could spend some time here, you’d understand.

Smooches and a big squeezy hug to you, just cause. :wink:

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Maybe you could try contacting the ghosts with a Ouija board? Either that or an exorcism?

I’m not saying ghosts exist or not. Just saying that you could try those things if you really thought there were ghosts.

I’ve watched a lot of movies about ghosts so I think about this stuff.

I won’t encourage them. I do have 2 Ouija boards tucked away in one room, but weird experiences preceded the boards by at least 30 years.
Plus, it isn’t the real spooks that bother me, only the people who don’t live here, they get so scared they never return, which, isn’t such a bad thing.

The unreal stuff that isn’t supernatural–spooks of a different realm, more of an ‘earthy’ one are the ones are the ones that make me angry…and we know who they are, just nothing we can do about it, and believe me, the only way an Ouija board would help me is if I hit them upside the head with it.

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I once watched a great pyranese circle around a car… from the passenger side where I was standing… To the drivers side and thought little of it… Until my gf came around the car with a wild look in her eye… I said what’s wrong… She said I thought I saw something and then it disappeared in front of my eyes… I chuckled and said a great pyranese? She almost ■■■■… I love and hate when I know something I’m seeing isn’t real and then is seen by another of sound mind… Makes me wonder sometimes… There have been other things…but none as nice as a fluffy white dog…

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Or a lemon tree in the dead of night.

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