Easiest vs hardest years of your life. What about for people in general

I’d say the hardest years of my life were 18-27. Nothing will ever touch those years again. 11-17 were very difficult in some ways too but not as bad as 18-27. Now 28-29 is getting easier. I think I will face hardships again and I still do but I’d be prepared to deal with them better with meds.

There are a lot of environmental reasons why certain ages will experience difficulties in certain areas rather than other ages.

I’m wondering what do you think the average person would say the hardest years of their lives are??? It’s an interesting question. When you graduate high school and sent off into the real world was what made it most difficult for me. Also midlife crisises or old age. We all deal with it differently than one another. Some have really really rough early childhoods and then it gets better from there. Or not. It’s All different. But I’m talking about generalities and what about you as an individual, at least so far???

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All stages of life have pros and cons. And, if life is going super well for you, someone jealous will surely come along and even the score. So, I don’t ponder your question at all.


My whole life from age 2 to age 56 was pure Hell. Since then, it has been pure Heaven. I am 59 now.


I think most people say being an adult is better. Life got quite hard for me after leaving school though. My youth was pretty care free.


Thanks for that awesome answer @chordy

I guess wisdom truly does come with age/experience. Not calling you old but matured :slight_smile:

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I’d say 18-24 brutally sucked for me. That was when I was raising my younger siblings, then having my psychotic break and becoming homeless.


Do you think what you faced at those ages + getting the help you needed afterwards gives you the skills and whatnot to never be that level of hopelessness or helplessness again?? I sure like to think so. I think terrible things could still happen to me but I’m almost desensitized to a lot now. And it’s be harder for me to face that level of pain again as long as I keep taking my meds and stuff.

I just hope I made it through the storm, and this isn’t the eye is a metaphor.

I think I developed a lot of good survival skills, plus I know since I made it out once, I can do it again. My second major psychotic break was much easier to bounce back from, because I already knew the way from the first time around. So I was able to quickly seek out meds and therapy, and lean on my support system, instead of spending years trying to manage on my own.


I think the easiest years of my life so far have been 26-present. Because I’ve had Mr. Star to help me out.

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My friend Charlie I’ve had in my life 27-now and it’s made a big difference. So it doesn’t have to always be a romantic partner but just someone you can hang out with every single day almost or text whenever has helped HEAPS. Plus all the other things in my foundation I’ve built up. Thanks for your insights/stories @ninjastar :slight_smile:


Also I got Don Juan right around the time me and Charlie starting hanging out


Yeah. Any kind of strong support system is really what counts. I started learning to lean on people around age 26, and I met my best friend around then.

the hardest thing 18 thru 22 was food. My parents should have helped me. When I got pregnant I qualified for food stamps, then I could eat.


13-17, I was pulled out of school, put on homeschool, and stayed at home taking care of my grandmother with cancer. Multiple treatments later she was cancer free, thankfully.

But yeah, my life was zero friends, emerging SZA, homework and housework cooking and cleaning.

Still building up to the best


Ages 10 to 15 was the hardest after the sexual assualt. I stopped caring about school work and was put in special education. Some people act out over something like that but I shut down. I didn’t care about anything or anybody. I remember my dad asking me why I was never happy…I just shrugged my shoulders and continued on.

My best was probably the college years. It was then where I learned what it meant to be treated like a person.


13-19 were by far the worst for me. Severe PTSD from a lot that happened. It’s also when my psychosis started.

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Generally my life seems to go in 5 year cycles. 5 years good 5 years bad. In fact when I was first hospitalised I was confused as the “bad” cycle seemed to have come early ! :smile:

But yeah. My next 5 years of bad luck will be starting pretty soon. I can feel it in my bones.

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I think all my years have been hard due to symptoms of sza since I was a child. My life hasn’t exactly gone normally. It’s hard to explain without getting into my delusional behaviors, isolation and strange thought patterns that always crop up. It’s made it hard for me to bond with many people or work.

My life has been pretty good and easy untill I my first episode happened. Since then I think I´m steadily climbing up on wellness.

High school was hard; marriage is hard. Everything has been kind of tough, but there has been joy and good things interspersed along the way. I did a lot of stuff and had a little fun and my family was always fun, but I was often the opposite. When I followed Him it got better when I didn’t I lost everything. Just steady improvement now. Its difficult but I’m kind of on top of it and doing quite well for the most part. Thank you.