Easier harder or depends?

I was thinking whether you think work gets easier harder or depends as time goes on.

my job started off pretty easy but now 23 1/2 hours a week is catching up to me a bit!!!

at least on Thursday/Friday im very tired then Saturday Im bummed out then I work again on sunday

do you think it will get easier again when I get more used to working this much, continue to get harder because I cant handle it or something or it depends

id say it definitely depends but it could go either way. we will see.


I was working 2 jobs before my relapse.

Monday to Friday, 50 hours a week (+ overtime)

I was hella comfortable with it, plus I was making good $$$ At 15/hour.

It went well for about half a year, til I realized I was losing sleep and not eating properly. Then I relapsed.

Dont forget to take it easy !

Money is great but health comes first.


Definitely depends. For instance in my case, right now it would get more n more difficult. I know cos I tried. But I think perhaps with time as I may get more adjusted to the meds and work on coping strategies, then if I reattempt with work, it may remain OK. Hard but OK. So therefore fulfilling cos its OK.
Idk about your situation but the most important thing is you are giving it a shot and so won’t regret it later whichever way it goes.

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next week I have to work Saturday instead of sunday because I have to cover for this kid so I work 3 days in a row from Thursday-Saturday…but at least im off sunday

I would ask for less hours. From my experience, work or other activities that take up energy can get harder and harder. Maybe work 2 days per week instead of 3 so you have more time to rest. I find my energy comes back when I have an extra rest day. Best to catch it early before you reach your breaking point one day and have to quit altogether!

I think you’ll get used to it and be fine

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I would say it depends. My work role switched to work-from-home three weeks ago. It’s easier on me in that I no longer have to interact with people in a busy office. It got harder in that I notice that co-workers are quietly dumping more on me and hoping the boss doesn’t notice. The more they dump on me, the more they can visit with each other in the office. That’s not going to fly as the boss can see who is doing what in our broker management app on her dashboard.

But, it’s stressful. The communication issues (or lack thereof) aren’t helping, and the temptation to log in and work when I’m off is pretty overpowering.


It has gotten easier for me. In 2017 I tried working full time and I couldn’t do it. I was late to work a lot. Now I am doing it in 2019. I work 40 hours a week or 8 hours a day Monday through Friday.

I went back to work on St Patrick’s Day so it is easy to remember when I started. March 17th. So it’s been over six months. I haven’t been late once unless I had an appointment or something. I get all my appointments scheduled at 745 or 8 am so I don’t miss much work. I start work at 8 am. I have never had to take more than an hour of sick leave and I usually get away with only 30 minutes.

You just have to feel it out and take your time. It does get easier. You get used to it.


Itll probably ger easier when you find your rhythym but dont over push yourself!!! Dont burn yourself out. Having a set schedule definitely helps personally. I only work 15 hours a week but its always 11am-4pm on Fri-Sun.

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I have been working 14 years. For a few months of a year it gets harder, and then for a few months it gets easier. Right now it is harder because I was put in a new department and the data entry is complex.


I’ve been working 35 hours a week since the middle of July. For me, I have gotten faster at doing my work duties because it has become a routine.

Therefore I choose, “easier” or “depends”.

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