Earthquake... 77nick77 how are you?


I know north bay and south bay have some good distance between them,

But just wanted to shout out and see how your doing? 6.0 the news said… out in Napa?

I know it’s tasteless… But I’ve had too much coffee…

Please forgive.

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

A gas line ruptured. 7 houses are on fire. :fire:

I felt it last night. It went on for several seconds. I’ve been through worse ones before. No damage in my own house and I doubt there’s any damage to my neighbors apartments either.


Glad to know you are safe, nick77. Earthquake is scary.

I’m 25 miles from Napa. but didn’t feel anything because I was sound asleep.
I want to check the security cameras at my house when I get home to see if it caught anything.

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Wow-that is too close!
One of my sisters lives in San Ramon and they felt it.

My mom lives up north. She of course felt it.